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Meet with professionals, grasp knowledge from them, and train your skills under their supervision ...
Coming soon for you in Poland, the Super Class International coaches, the Masters and Specialists:

International champion & PMU Trainer
A unique specialist and trainer Artistic micropigmentation

Author creative techniques in permanent makeup - The global pioneer, creator of amazing techniques micropigmentation eyes, using the method of shade and butterfly using color pigments selected for the iris of the eye models. And also the creator of the unique techniques of natural art eyebrow.


16 years in the field of cosmetics (make-up, body-art, Nail-Art).

Winner of many competitions and championships. 3 Grand-Prize (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).

14 years of experience working as a specialist in permanent makeup

The official representative and trainer of the Italian company Biotek on Estonia. The owner ACADEMY ART - permanent make-up Training Centre in Tallinn


Great artist and make-up artist, so learn how colors and style in micropigmentation should be individually adjusted to model


International Champion & PMU Trainer

In 2003 she graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, defended her work "The Art of Makeup" with the title of Master.

In 2001, founder beauty salon and a training center in Torun ARTiSPA® as well as since 2014 training and service company Yifeng Beauty Consulting based in Beijing.

For 14 years - International Specialist and Trainer in PMU & Medical Micropigmentation

Multiple International Champion Makeup and Permanent Make-up in Poland and abroad (Russia -Moscow-"Контур века", Latvia, Germany, Austria)

In the 2006 - the precursor micropigmentation eyebrows - hair by hair method in Poland.

The jury in the International Championships of permanent makeup (Moscow, St.Petersburg, Warsaw)

In 2010 Organizer of the First Symposium of medical micropigmentation and permanent makeup in Torun, Poland. Now we have Vth edition.

Since 2011 organizer already V-five edition of the International Championship in permanent makeup in Warsaw, Poland

The author of dozens articles in the field of aesthetic and medical micropigmentation to magazines for professionals

Along with the experience of its own patented techniques to reveal the uniqueness of the nature of each person. With great passion for creating beauty develop their skills for the perfect, individually adapted three-dimensional techniques of aesthetic and medical micropigmentation, as well as make-up beauty, artistic bodypainting, characterizations.

She loves big challenges on the way to perfection


International Champion & PMU Trainer

Valeriya Barchenko is incredibly beautiful woman, the head and founder of the "Academy of Excellence"in St. Petersburg and well known in all Russia.

The winner of the IX permanent make-up Open Championship of Russia  "Контур века",

Member of the jury of the European permanent make-up Championship, the instructor of international level.

She is the one the best  Masters of the world.

"Valeriya Barchenko's Acadamy of Excellence" is the  leader of the Russian permanent make-up industry.

She cooperates with a team of true masters of creating beauty.
She has a great sense of artistic taste and style that spreads during treatments and transmits to his students.


Inetrnational Champion & PMU and Lasel removal Trainer

Elite linergistka experienced and licensed trainer Training Center ARTiSPA® in Torun. She participated in the International Championship of Russia Permanent Make-up. In 2011, received the title Vice champion Polish Championships in permanent makeup. Knowledge and skills gained among micropigmentation in Poland, Russia and Germany.

She has participated and presented their skills at the fair Beauty Forum in Warsaw, where she conducted a lecture on "micropigmentation Mature Skin". In March 2014 and 2015 She also had the honor to sit among the Jury, at the International Championship in Permanent Makeup.

The greatest satisfaction gives her satisfaction.

Permanent makeup specialist and longtime professional and trainer in Laser removal of permanent makeup, tattoos and discolorations.


Lesley is an expert with 14 years of experience in permanent makeup and over 10 years of passion for medical micropigmentation. 

For over 10 years working with a number of plastic surgery clinics in the Netherlands and Belgium she developed her passion and skills in medical micropigmentation. Doctors seeing her works and happiness of their patients recommend Lesley as a specialist on a global scale.

Her knowledge gained throughout the world, particularly in the US.

For 5 years she is a coach in permanent makeup, medical micropigmentation and colour theory.

"Medical micropigmentation needs of technical practice and psychological skills. We must be prepared for anything. We are like the icing on the cake ..) It's beautiful and exciting moments to be part of the fight against cancer and to close this chapter of life of the patient, and forever hiding hard times, the natural pigmentation. "


International champion & Make-up Trainer

Makeup artist with an infinite knowledge of the broad scope of the canons world of beauty. Perfectionist and a wonderful image master.

1989 – 1995   Academy of Fine Arts, Poznań/Poland - MSc;

1995 International Champion of Professional Make Up  - Düsseldorf

1994 Polish Champion of Professional Make up – Beauty International Warsaw

♦ exceptional creativity in personal and corporate image consulting and styling

♦ profound knowledge of advanced make up artistry and cosmetic industry

♦ 40 000 make up applications, 2 000 color analysis, 400 stylizations, 200 shows, 100 foto sesions. Previous co-operation with Playboy, Nike, Wella, Canal+, RTL 7, Douglas, , and other brand names

1995 – present “Maestro” Image Academy, Poznań/Poland, make up & styling school network, Artistic Director

2001 - 2007Nicolaus Copernicus University, Collegium Medicum, Toruń/Poland

 developing and supervising several didactic and academic programs; Public Health Chair at the Health Department - Assistant Lecturer;

1998 – 2002 “Cinema”, Cannes/France celebrity styling during the Cannes Film Festival;


Elizabeth Finch-Howell is a pioneer, leader and lecturer in chemistry of medical micropigmentation and permanent make-up products. 

She was born with a port-wine hemangioma (purple birthmark)  on the left side of the face and in the 1950s between 4 and 6 years old, she went through 12 trials tattoo birthmark, which of course ended in failure, but in the future gave her the idea to do medical micropigmentation and create recipes pigments to camouflage other problems like scars, vitiligo, etc.

Her salvation and inspiration proved to be a meeting with Lydia O'Leary - creator of camouflage makeup and products Coverderm (Covermark), which instilled in her creative force. Many years she worked helping people with skin problems.

Since 1989 created and manufacturing her own recipes pigments Derma International to micro pigmentation, which perfected until today so that they are color lightfastness and stable in the skin.

Precursor medical micropigmentation techniques and pigments camouflage, cooperating with Hospital Surgery in the US

2007-2009 - Chemist Honored with incredible knowledge and practical experience.

She is a past president and past ethics chair for the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals, the largest organization for permanent cosmetic professionals in the world.

Editor-in-chief of the English edition of World Magazine for professionals already issued since 2010. Permanent Make-up.


Lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Department of Natural raw materials Medicinal and Cosmetic Medical University. In Poznan.

I work with a modeling agency GaGa on projects in the field of make-up and styling. Initiator and co-founder of educational programs, among others, Postgraduate Studies Makeup and styling and cosmetology.

Author of many publications in the field of cosmetology, dermatology and color cosmetics with particular emphasis on medical makeup techniques.

The organizer, international training of micropigmentation and makeup classical and make-up expert brand Revitalash Poland.

Combining academic profile with a penchant for creating an image, scientifically he addressed the corrective makeup, which resulted in numerous publications and active participation in scientific conferences, as well as the 2012 defense of the doctoral thesis of a covering issues of medical makeup with particular emphasis on medical micropigmentation


She won the title of European Champion in the International Championship of Permanent Make-up Long Time Liner ® 2015 in Warsaw and 1 place in the Championship in Poland Permanent Make-up.

One of the greatest contemporary experts in the field of cosmetic and medical micropigmentation. It has the highest title Elite Linergist, which is awarded to the best linergistkom in the industry. Appreciated at home and abroad long-term expert and instructor mikrobladingu techniques.

As the first in Poland to introduce the latest method of pigmentation using a diamond "Diamant Blading". Her artistic sensitivity, color sensitivity and professionalism are a guarantee of quality and perfection in every way.

"Permanent makeup is not moving learned the same pattern on the face of each client. It's an art to emphasize and extraction of natural beauty that each of us is different. The individual matching style, color and methods of micropigmentation is the hardest and most important skill that I try to convey my ward

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