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The aim of Semi-permanent make-up is to precisely match the shape and colours and to enhance feminity in a natural way. The beautiful look in the morning, after a swimming(...), all day and night, make a more and more active, modern woman feel wonderful and undoubtedly happy.


The method is used to enhance natural beauty, correct eyebrow arches, improve the shape and colour of lips, bring out eye contour, create perfect small biotatoo, beauty spots, cover and change bad done 

Thanks to our most gentle method, pigments of a natural orgin(non toxic and non allergic) get implement in the epidermis.

Perfect look stays visible about 3-5 years. During this period, depending on epidermis regeneration, skin care as well as skin type and pigment intensity, the colour fades gradually and venly (20-30% per year). In order to maintain the best makeup effects makeup can improve the look or let the color back down.


Once a colour and shape you want to achieve are consulted, a linergist outlines an ideal form of lips, brows and eyeliner so that you can see their new shape.


Our customers trust us with their mirror image, and we guarantee beautiful aesthetics, perfection and safety.


Equipment and materials are made in Germany, they meet the most stringent safety requirements and standards. Cosmetic material does not cause allergies, the body without any damage.



What is Conture® Make-up ?



The magic word is LONG-TIME-LINER® Conture® Make-up. A recipe for beauty with regard to the most diverse of contours. 

It's not only about highlighting and giving support to natural beauty but also concealing problem areas in the skin's natural pigment. That means perfect eyebrows support the expressiveness of your face, your eyes are put on perfect display by eyelid lines and your lips look full and well-lproportioned. LONG-TIME-LINER® Conture® Make-up has been around since 1987 now and thousands of satisfied customers agree every single day that putting make up on every day is a thing of the past. We guarantee you precision, perfection and style. 

The only thing that matters to us is: if you're happy, we're happy.





  • Transform your face with lifted brows, open eyes and defined lips

  • Save the time and hassle of appling and reapplying make-up

  • Maintain a smudge proof look 24 hours a day even when exercising or swimming

  • Feel confident you look effortlessly beautiful in every situation

  • Appear more youthful, contoured and expressive

    The gentle method for long-lasting natural beauty and a harmonious appearance.Getting up and immediately liking what you see in the mirror - this is a wish thatwe are happy to fulfill. Whether eyebrows, eyelines or lips, with LONG-TIME-LINER®Conture® Make-up and our high-quality products and services you can havea dazzling, fresh look day-after-day. Trust us with your reflection.


Distinguished by Quality and Innovation


For more than 20 years our experts, under the supervision of our CEO and
company founder Waltraud Kuffner, have been developing the most modern
technologies, processes and materials with which we can offer our gentle
methods and well-tolerated dyes for lasting beauty. Learn more about us
and our products and services.

Our continual pursuit of innovation and quality has won us numerous
prizes. We are proud of this. We see this recognition of our achievements
as making us duty-bound as regards our future actions and work with our
customers, our team and our partners. This is one reason why we regularly have the company certified. Whether in the area of instruments, dyes or training, it is part of our normal procedures often to have our work inspected and verified.




Oczy - Podkreślone Piękno

Czy pragniesz być piękna o każdej porze dnia i nocy, ale Twój expresowy poranny makijaż nie daje Tobie komfortowego samopoczycia przez cały dzień, by wyglądać świeżo i kobieco tak jak byś sobie marzyła?

 Górne i dolne kreski

Semipernanentne kreski mogą dać Twoim oczom głębię i czarujący wygląd. Zaaplikowana delikatna linia pomiędzy rzęsami, powoduje, że rzęsy wyglądają na dłuższe i optycznie pogrubione. w końcu możesz cieszyć się makijażem, który jest spójny z Twoją naturą i dodaje blasku Twojemu unikalnemu spojrzeniu.  
Kreski Dekoracyjne

Dodatkowo pogrubione i przedłużone kreski na powiekach jeszcze bardziej podkreślają kształt Twoich oczu, powiększając je i podkreślając Twoją osobowość

BRWI - Perfekcyjny Łuk


Eyebrows are the most important face feature.

Eyebrow contouring defines facial features by bringing balance to the face. The arch of your brow expresses your mood and can even make you look younger. But eyebrows can be uneven or sparse as a result of repeated tweezing. Conture® Make-up is the perfect solution.

We first choose a suitable, individually chosen color to outline your eyebrows. After you approve the arch and outline, the ARTIDERM® Linergist® delicately creates the appearance of fine hair. You'll wake up with the perfect arch every morning.

Lip - Flawlessly Coloured

No more lipstic reapplication after eating, smudged contour and a pale lips after a swim - enjoy a beautiful colour and a perfect shape whatever the situation.
Perfect Lips

Perfect for every woman. A dreamed lip contour allows to reduce asymmetry and correct the shape. By enlarging the apperance of small lips, or minimising to big lips it is ideal to achieved. Filling the entire lip with a colour reduces pigmentation flaws. Depending on your preference, a lip appear more intense with a defined contour or even shading that gives a lipstic effect.
Lip Light
An additional lightening above the upper lip eliminates possible pigmentation irregularities around a red lip area, enlarges and optically hightlights too flat lips. 

ARTIDERM®                         ARTIDERM®  Makijaż Długotrwały


                                                                              Naszym celem jest Twoja Satysfakcja

                                                                                                              Pragniemy szczęścia i zadowolenia naszej wyjątkowej klienteli
                                                                                            aby była zachwycona swoim wyglągem kiedykolwiek spojrzy w lustro


                                                                                                          Zabiegi z pogranicza Kosmetyki i Medycyny 

Zaspakajamy potrzeby naszej wymagającej klienteli               

Nasze zabiegi i najwyższej jakości produkty są stworzone aby  dać Tobie szczęście każdego dnia       

Nasze Usługi wspierają i wydobywają Twoje naturalne, jedyne w swoim rodzaju Piękno,

ukrywając niedoskonałości oraz maskując duże problemy przy pigmentacji medycznej.     



​​Full Face Permanent Makeup
A full face permanent makeup treatment means you wake up every day looking your best with your eyebrows, lips and eyes professionally enhanced ... and stay immaculately made up from morning to night. Our full face permanent make up packages offer a natural enhancement that is beneficial to all women who want to make the most of themselves. They are also ideal for women who experience allergies and sensitive skin from using cosmetics every day. Having the full face of semi permanent make up incorporates beautiful eyebrows, an eyelash enhancer and perfect lip. Ideal for anyone who simply wants a hassle free start to the day!

Correction&Removal- after bad done permanent make-up


​​Linergists LTL-Elite® also can solve problems in very difficult situations, when coming to them women who are unhappy with permanent makeup treatments undertaken by other clinics or salons, either because the work is inappropriate or has not been carried out to a sufficiently high standard.Our hight experience specialists, know all beauty rules, and are able to advise and assist in the correction of permanent make-up disasters or permanent makeup gone wrong for clients seeking expertise in this area.If you have had your permanent makeup done elsewhere and are unhappy with the result please get in touch. In many cases we are able to correct permanent makeup disasters so do not hesitate to contact us for permanent makeup advice and corrective treatments wherever possible.


Medical Micropigmentation

LTL-Elite® special educated Specialists experience in micropigmentation is not only for make people more beauty.
Main very advanced technic and medical pigments we use to help clients to come back to normal life. Since about 10 years Salon cooperate with medical clinics to support patients by using medical micropigmentation





Tatoo, special effects and
man permanent make up


​​​​For men too!Men care about their appearance too and often have gaps in their brows or unevenness which can be easily overcome with cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. Some men opt for ‘guy liner’ to give Men care about their appearance too and often have gaps in their brows or unevenness which can be easily overcome with cosmetic eyebrow tattooing. Some men opt for ‘guy liner’ to give them some definition through their eyelashes, yet still look natural.

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